How to Donate your tickets

It's so simple. Just click a button above. This will bring you to an online form where you will let us know what you plan to donate. You will then receive an immediate confirmation as to whom we will give the donated tickets and/or gift certificates. On the confirmation page you will get detailed instructions on how to get your donated your tickets into our hands. Please note that we are only working with cancer care/chronic illness organizations in the metropolitan New York, and Atlanta areas at this time.

Memory of a Lifetime

There are other organizations that have elaborate programs to help children with cancer. Yet, there are a limited number of children who participate. This is a simple program which can benefit thousands of children. May God Bless you always, and keep you and your family healthy.

A Special Note to Corporations

We recognize that part of the normal business is to entertain customers. We are also aware that for one reason or another, the tickets are not used by customers and often are (mis)used by employees or even go to waste. Your donation to 'DONATE A' will not go to waste.