How Did it All Start?

DONATE A's founder, Dan Geelan, was an IBM salesman whose largest customer was MEMORIAL SLOAN KETTERING, the world renowned cancer hospital in New York City. During his many sales calls to the hospital Dan witnessed first hand the fear on the face of families as they waited anxiously in the lobby and cafeteria for news from the doctors who were caring for their loved ones upstairs. In 1995, Dan contracted cancer and was successfully treated at Memorial. He subsequently became a volunteer and visited cancer patients daily in their rooms. Dan chatted with them; passing the time of day and giving them hope that there could be a happy ending in spite of their current situation. After having spoken to a 'cancer survivor', the patient was given new hope and often sat up and thought 'well- maybe I won't die after all'.

In 2003 Dan got sick again. While enduring some very difficult procedures for more than one year, including chemotherapy and twice daily radiation, he was cured again. This was when he truly knew what he had to do. Dan had to go beyond his daily visits and do something to help more people with cancer, particularly the children with whom he interacted with daily. This is what 'DONATE A' is all about- SHARING...

The most devastating thing to witness is little children who are battling cancer or chronic illness. While they seldom smile, they never seem to cry - even when they are hooked up to the massive machines that radiate their tumors and pour chemo into their tiny bodies. Through your help, we can lift their spirits one ticket at a time.