Cancer Children are Sharing Children

How often have parents told all their children it is 'good to share'? Even though children with cancer have heard this, they have little to share. Their biggest gift to their parents and grandparents would be to get well. Unfortunately this is not entirely in their hands. So.....we want to give them something to share with their family, and this is where you come in.

Sharing Your Gift

We would like you to donate tickets to such things as sporting events, (i.e. Giants, Jets, Yankees, Mets, Rangers) Broadway plays, as well as 'gift certificates' to restaurants. We cannot accept cash donations. These tickets will go directly to the children and the families who are stricken with cancer or chronic illness. It will be a gift from you, to the children, TO BE SHARED BY THE ENTIRE FAMILY. You are also encouraged to use your imagination regarding gifts we may not have thought of (i.e. museums, boat rides). Even though we can accept gift certificates, we cannot accept cash donations.