Thank you letters from our Children

A nurse wrote: Thank you so much. The tickets went to such a deserving family of die hard Mets fans. The patient and his dad wear their Mets shirts for every visit. He is going to have a blast!!!! Thank you very much

You guys are the best!!!!!! Thanks so much for thinking about us. And your donor is so very thoughtful. Go Mets!

A nurse wrote: The tickets went to one of our pediatric patient and her and family- They were thrilled - this will be the patient's first game!

We can't thank you enough for the Mets tickets. We loved our seats, had beautiful weather and enjoyed an exciting ballgame. Thanks again.

Our patient was THRILLED!!

A nurse wrote: The Mets tickets have a very excited owner! He is so happy. Thanks so much. You put a huge smile on this guys face!! He jumped up and down, gave me a bear hug and tried to pick me up off the Please send this kind donor a (hug) from me. I thoroughly loved being the recipient of our patient's gratitude, but it really goes to the donor instead. It was so sweet.

Thanks so much for the Yankee tickets. We all had a blast. Especially since the Yankees won!

I just wanted to say thank you again! This was a huge treat. We have incredible seats in the delta box area behind home plate with fancy bathrooms, waitress service at the seats, free popcorn and great weather. Please also thank the donor

Thank you for the two tickets the other day. It's always fun go to a Mets game with my Dad. We had so much fun!

Just wanted to let you know we had a great time at the game. Seats were awesome and stadium is soo nice. Thanks again

Thank you for the Yankee tickets! I love the Yankees! We sat right behind the dugout, and I got to see all the players, including my favorite, Derek Jeter. My Dad & I were on the jumbo screen twice! Thanks

Thank you so much again for thinking of us; we had a blast! Our daughter was cheering from the second we got there until we left! Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!

Good morning Just wanted again to sincerely thank you & your department for thinking of our family... It warms our hearts and makes us feel so good that we could give the boys these amazing experiences, as well as give J and I treasured memories. Taking a family of 5 anywhere is costly, but this is something we would have never been able to afford without your help & the ticket owner's generosity. It is people like you who are unknowingly helping our family remove the sadness in our lives for a while and bring about happy faces! All our gratitude

NYM: Thank you so much. This has made our night :)

M I can't thank you enough for thinking of us and providing us the Yankee Tickets for last night's game. It was amazing!!! My son and cousin sat in the other seats (which had a great view) and we sat in the Suite Seats. N had such a great time, the seats were amazing and the suite was incredible. In the bottom of the 6th Inning, when the White Sox were coming back to the dugout, the catcher threw a game ball to N too! He went to school this morning in his Yankee Shirt, Yankee Hat and brought the baseball to show his class. I think he went to bed smiling!!! And the in-seat dining...the waitress helped us with the carb-ount so it was real easy for N to take his shot, even with the ice cream and candy (he still kept his number on target). Please let the person you received the tickets from know that we really appreciated them, and will be glad to help out anytime they can't make it somewhere. It definitely was a fantastic night and N really, really enjoyed himself. Thank you again

HI! Thank you again for the Yankee's tickets on saturday!!! We had so much fun!! I told her I was gonna root for the Yankee's so she decided to root for the Red Sox.... she even bet $10 on them! Needless to say, I'm down $10 since the Red Sox won 6-0. She was ecstatic. We took tons of pictures and enough to last a week. A made all good choices; she had king crab legs, sashime, sushi, and fruit. For desert she had chocolate covered strawberries. She had no problem counting the carbs and I didn't have any trouble taking her insulin. She was good during the game to... I wanted to eat everything I saw but she decided to only have a churro (I had to google that for the carbs)
I'm going to attach some of the many pics we took... Thank you again!! we had a great night!!

Hi Sorry for the delay but here are some pics from our night at Yankee Stadium with J and her big sister. I included a pic of the Colorado coach Glenallen Hill because he was the one who made sure that J got a ball at the end of the game (she had a bright orange cast on following foot and ankle surgery and they built quite a rapport through the game!). Anyway it was a great night so thanks again. Please let me know if the pics came through okay and if you are ever left with extra tickets you know who you can call! Thank you

I thought you'd like to send this great shot from Citi Field (it will always be Shea to me) to the donor that so kindly donated tickets last month. Father and son went and enjoyed themselves. They had a wonderful time.
My son is an 11 year old with cardiac and rheumatology issues. He has had several cardiac surgeries and is having his pacemaker changed this week.
Thank you for offering us the tickets to give to our patients and please thank the donor for us too.
Thanks so much!!

Hello I just wanted to thank you sooo much for the Mets Tickets. Having a good day yesterday, and it was a beautiful night!! So it was just perfect!! If you could please thank the donors for us!! They were unbelievable seats!!! He truly enjoyed the night, and they won!!!!
Thank you again for thinking of us,

Good Morning, I want to THANK YOU so much for the tickets to yesterdays Yankee game. J and I had a Wonderful time, it was a great experience. The seats were amazing and being that was our first time to a game we enjoyed every minute. Of course they won and that made the evening even more memorable. Thank You again!

I would like to thank whoever is responsible for giving me the tickets to the Tampa Bay Yankee Game. The game was very exciting all the way thru and of course the Yankees, fact if you remember I called you to thank you, just as we hit a home run to tie the game and the stadium went I am sure you could hear!!!! The seats were just superfluous and the food that came with the tickets was out of this world. I have never been treated wonderful at a baseball game. I felt like I was at a wedding. Just as an aside, after my extremely complex heart surgery, I have been hesitant to go out and socialize away from my house. When I heard about these tickets, my fears went away and I was so very glad that someone was so gracious enough to give them to me. Please tell this person, people, corp. or whomever that I am eternally grateful and may they have Gods Blessings. It brought such much needed joy to me, that you could ever imagine. If the donor would like to call me so that I can tell him/her just how much it meant........please give my phone number to him/her. (xxx) xxx-xxxx Thank you, thank you, thank you....... Truly yours

Thank you for the Yankee tickets. The seats were AMAZING (I have never been so close). I took my friends and we all had a wonderful time. We got to the stadium two hours early so we could walk around and went to the highest seats possible. Happily the Yankees won! I am including some photos from our time at the stadium. Please thank the generous donor of the tickets. They were truly enjoyed. Thank you again

I wanted to thank you again for the tickets to today's game. I am proud to announce that N, his sister A, myself and their grandfather, lasted all 14 innings!!! The seats were great, the new stadium is really nice, and the bonus is that they even won after all 14 innings! My parents grew up in the Bronx, and I lived there for the first few years of my life, so we have been lifelong Yankee fans. However, today I learned that they not only do a 7th inning stretch, they also do a 14th inning stretch! (I was glad that Melky hit a home run in the 14th, so that I did not have to find out if they did one in the 21st inning.) In all seriousness, N had a great time! Since I was wet from sitting in the rain, I offered that we could leave around the 10th inning, but he and grandpa would not hear of it! Thanks again for thinking of us! I will send a picture of the four of us that we took in the stadium.

We just wanted to say thank you for thinking of us for the Met's tickets. My husband took D for a "Daddy and son" evening and D had a BLAST! He was so excited all day that for the first time ever his teacher told me when I picked him up that he was very talkative, which is unusual for him, but shows how excited he was.

We got a call today from M's Dad, he actually brought tears to our eyes with his story of the Mets game Monday night. M was so excited to be there...told everyone sitting around them that his doctor's office gave him the tickets and they even had free parking!! Truly priceless. The father was so grateful-he could not say enough!! It is so nice to make such a wonderful family happy. Thanks for letting us play Santa in April.

This was the most wonderful day we've had in a long time. You made our dream come true. We're in awe and very grateful. Please thank the donor.

Thanks a lot for the tickets. We were able to bring K without any problems; we all had a good time. K caught a ball; one of the players threw him a ball. I will download the pictures and email you a little later. This week is tough for us as today our son would have turned 5. Thanks again, as usual, you are always kind and thoughtful.
R, R and R

I'm writing to thank you for the tickets to the Mets game this past Saturday. I'm pleased to say that they won 10 -1 and it was a very exciting game. The weather held out and my husband, J, was very happy to be there as it was his first baseball game - ever. He is from Ecuador, and as I am sure you know, soccer is the main sport over there. When Alissa called from Hackensack Hospital (NJ) offering the tickets, she caught me on a very bad day. I had been crying all morning and to hear her voice and offer was a great relief. I'm not sure what even made me answer my phone in the first place, but I suppose it was out of desperation. Maybe you know how much your donation means, but I would like to share with you how very much. I gave birth to my daughter S on March 6, 2009 via c-section after laboring for 28 hours. She was stillborn near term and weighed almost 6 pounds and was 19 inches long. We held her, tried to memorize every inch of her and then they took her away from us, forever. I have not been out of my house since that day except for doctor appointments. J and I return to work full-time at the end of May. I have no idea how I am even going to do this. Your tickets today, gave us a glimpse of light, of hope. Thank you.
S and J

I am writing this letter on behalf of my family and the SUDC Program. I would like to express to you my most sincere gratitude for your kind donation of Yankees tickets to SUDC and my family. We were fortunate to be the family who received your tickets for Saturday, May 23, 2009. Thanks to you, our family enjoyed an exciting and fun-filled evening at Yankee Stadium. We were involved in the game and the beautiful new stadium and all the excitement of the evening. The SUDC Program (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood), a program of the CJ Foundation for SIDS, has been an invaluable resource for our family in grieving the loss of our youngest daughter, C. This very important program has supported us with family grievance services, helped us to navigate through the process of participating in medical research and ultimately given us hope to accept our loss and move through our pain. Through SUDC, we have been able to meet other families who are suffering this same loss. I have enclosed the SUDC brochure so that you may understand further, what families like ours are coping with. Your kind donation gave our family something fun to enjoy together. Our Memorial Day weekend this year was a time we will always remember. We thank you for this special night.

We wanted to send you an email to say, "Thank you so much for the Yankee tickets." It's been a week since we went to the game (sorry it took me that long to download the pictures). It was M and C's first time going to a baseball game and their first time in NYC. We took the bus into the Port Authority and then two subways from there. They had a ball. They were awestruck seeing all of the people once we arrived in NYC and especially in the subway system. Once we arrived at the stadium, you could see their eyes popping out of their heads. It was phenomenal! When we got to the Delta SKY 360 Suite, it was Mike and I who were awestruck. It was gorgeous. There was a deluxe glass-enclosed lounge area with leather couches where we could watch the game on big monitors when it started spritzing. We have never been to a game where you could walk right up to a counter and order food without a line. (We didn't take advantage of the "chair service" and have our food brought directly to our seats.) We bought the boys commemorative Yankee Inaugural Season cups which they insist on using daily. We arrived in our seats minutes before the National Anthem--I always tear up, it's just so patriotic to me. M and C were so excited to actually learn about the fundamentals of the game of baseball since they love to play catch and hit the ball in the backyard but aren't joining a team until next spring. We were actually planning on taking them to a NJ Jackal's game to let them see an actual game of baseball, but the Yankees definitely beat that. They cheered when the Yankees scored a run or made a good play. The location of the seats was right behind home plate so we had the best view in the stadium. They didn't even need to use their binoculars which they insisted on bringing with us. We left at the top of the seventh inning since M could barely keep his eyes open and we had quite a trek ahead of us back to Port Authority. Boy, was that a lucky decision! About ten minutes after we left, it started pouring and they actually called the game. The Yankees won! I am attaching some of the pictures from the game. Thank you so much for this truly AMAZING experience. You enabled M and C to have an experience of a lifetime that some people go through their entire lives never getting to see. I really can't thank you enough for making their first taste of baseball so incredible. Can you please let me know if there is someone I may thank directly for this experience or if not could you please thank them on our behalf? I really want them to know that by donating their tickets, they gave our children an unforgettable memory and we are truly grateful. Thank you again for everything. We will see you next week at their next appointment.
S (and M, M and C)

I wanted to get this to you much sooner than this, but I've been taking time to enjoy my summer. To take a deep breath and focus on my family to help us regroup and take back our life. M has had an awesome month and 1/2. It scares the hell out of me but I think you understand where I'm coming from. I wanted you to pass this on to the kind individual who gave us the tickets to the Mets game back on July 12th. I would like to thank you for putting some sunshine into our life. That's the only way I can begin to describe it. You see back in November of 2001 our youngest daughter who was only 16 month old began to have seizures. So as most people and medical professional thought it was just putting her on medication and they would be controlled. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and after extensive hospitalizations, M was diagnosed as uncontrollable. We exhausted as many avenues as possible and available, but she was getting worse to a point where she actually went into cardiac arrest as a result of one of these intense seizures. Many doctors opinions and no one seemed to have an answere or a solution. Mary didn't know a lot of what was going on. Her disposition has always been very happy and loving. Non verbal but smiling all the time. What was happening at home though was an other story that most people don't know about. That is the siblings. You see, M has an older sister who at the time was 10. A is now almost 18. K who was 5 and now 13 and W who was 3 and is now 11. So many times they were left with relatives or sometimes waking up to a neighbor in the house because M was wisked away in the middle of the night by ambulance. This was becoming the norm but the stress my children endured.....well there are still some things coming to light. So many times we have had to say no to them because of the financial burden it placed on us and just because M was not able to go anywhere we had to stay home. I know for my husband K and I it was the hardest thing to say no to vacations and other special things that the right of fatherhood and motherhood should give you. We missed out on a lot of because of M's condition. My husband wanted to much to take our kids to a major league game. We have been able to every now and then go to our local minor league the Lakewood Blue Claws and they enjoyed it so much. Little by little over the past several years and being vigilant about M's condition she has gained some control. As you may have read in the beginning of this email she's really had a good month and 1/2. You see God gives you what you need when you need it and when Stacey called about these tickets, it was exactly what my boys and my husband needed. And to have 1st and 2nd row seats at a major league game. It gave them some renewed life especially my husband because he got to do something with his boys that is a right of fatherhood. We are beginning to gain back our life. It will never be the same as it was before M's diagnosis, but I couldn't imagine it being anything less than what it is. I have met some amazing people and have had the privledge of being a part of some important work. A is in her senior year and looking at colleges. She's an amazing girl and wants to pursue a major in performing arts. K just joined marching band and is involved in Scout's he just earned the rank of Star. W is just starting 5th grade and wants to join the band as well he plays the drums and is also a Boy Scout just earning 2nd class. My husband and I are beginning to be able to steal away for an hour or 2. We haven't had that in a long time. We were High School sweet hearts. So now you may understand the impact of what your kindness did for my family. One day and one act of kindness can make all the difference in the world. It did for my family. God will surely send you many blessings.

I just found out the patient we sent with your tickets for tonight's game that it is their birthday today and was so bummed he had to have infusions today, but when he found out he was going to the game he was way beyond excited. Apparently he is a crazy Ranger fan and could barely contain himself during his infusion. That made my day! maybe my week!
Be well,

Dear A,
My mom and I want to say thank you to whomever donated the great Met tickets. I went with my mom, aunt and a friend. Even though the Mets didn't win, we had such a great time. This was my first time seeing Citifield; it's a very nice stadium, and I loved running the bases of the old Shea Stadium in the parking lot! The seats were great, and we enjoyed walking through The Caesar's Club. Once again, thank you we all really enjoyed the evening.

I just wanted to tell you that the family who took the Mets tickets for Sunday's game was in for a follow up today. They had a great time. One of the kids were interviewed by the Mets staff and put on the big screen! It was so sweet to hear all about his day. The family got in early and used the batting cages. I hear that there was a lot for the kids to do. They couldn't thank us enough!!! Please let the donor know that C and A had a day that they will always remember.
Thank you.